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Nurturing The Most Sacred Fruit of The Universe
Dried Figs Harvest

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Creating the world’s finest figs fruit takes patience, skill and lots of loving attention.

Young figs fruit trees thrive in the naturally perfect growing conditions of Nazilli City of Aegean Region.

It can take up to 10 years before a fig tree reaches maturity and maximum yield. Mature trees grow to heights of between 5 and 10 meters. The Turkish traditional figs are considered to be the highest quality figs fruit available. The cultivar ‘Sarilop’ accounts for 90% of dried figs fruit production grown in Turkey. Production of dried figs in the Aydın region is generally carried out without inorganic fertilization. The majority of Turkish figs fruit are cultivated in soils with low nutrient content and can be grown without the need for chemical control of pests and diseases. There are two types of figs fruit trees; male trees (or caprifig trees) and female trees. Caprifig trees have inedible fruit from which pollen is used to pollinate edible figs fruit, hence they are considered to be male trees. Female trees produce edible figs fruit, although they have both male and female flowers. The main fig crop forms on current year’s shoots, which emerge in May.

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In Turkey, the pollination of fig (caprification) is usually carried out in the first half of June. Caprifigs are harvested in the early hours of the morning and put into a net bag containing 3-4 fruit. 

Three of these bags are hung on each female fig tree so the caprifig wasps can transfer the pollen to the female figs. This process is repeated at least twice at an interval of approximately one week.

Chemical pest and weed control, hanging pheromone traps and tillage should not be carried out during the caprification period. Some caprifigs may carry diseases, thus, usage of healthy caprifig fruit for pollination is effective on the quality of summer fruit. The selection of healthy fruits for caprification is an effective method to prevent diseases in the fruit.

Harvesting of figs for drying takes about 8 weeks. Starting from the middle of August until September, as guided by nature, the ‘Sarilop’ cultivar ripens (semi-dry, with 40-50% moisture content) on the tree and drops spontaneously to the ground. Once on the ground, the production process begins.  Fallen fruit is collected 2-3 times a week and brought to a suitable area for drying. Harvesting should be performed at frequent intervals. The drying process is carried out on plastic drying trays called kerevet for 2-3 days until the water content drops to 22-24%.


In order to make the drying process faster and healthier, it is beneficial to dry the fruit under a plastic tunnel in which two sides are covered by a net. Once dried, the fruit is transported to wholesalers or growers’ warehouses immediately. The warehouses are normally built-in cool locations without sun and have dry airflow and odorless environments. Windows and other open areas are covered with nets. The dried figs must be kept out of contact with the ground.

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The processing stages that are employed in the fig production facilities are Fumigation, Calibration, Aflatoxin Sorting, Pick & Choose, Washing, Drying, Manipulation & Packing, Storage, and Delivery.

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