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Full Compliance With International Food Safety Systems
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When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance and aim for impeccable and consistent quality in every product we make. As one of the leading wholesale dried vegetables & dried fruits supplier, We make sure that every phase of our quality chain works flawlessly so that our dried fruits quality is guaranteed in every stage, from growing to processing. To that end, we select and examine raw materials with the best quality; execute physical, chemical, and microbiological checks that verify whether they are in agreement with our quality and safety parameters; and inspect processing and production processes according to international standards. With our team of experts, who adapted quality as a lifestyle, we leave nothing to chance by obeying Food and Hygiene Safety regulations.

As one of the leading wholesale dried vegetables & dried fruits supplier, we know the importance of quality assurance and have been following up-to-date developments in the food field and conducting our operations in accordance with the International Food Safety Systems. We gather many dried vegetables & dried fruits manufacturers together that have one of the most sophisticated food safety programs in the entire food industry with self-imposed quality and technical standards. Our products are produced through the most advanced production equipment in the industry and frequently and randomly controlled and monitored throughout our production steps to ensure that the standards and customer specifications are met. Our goal is to sustain and improve our well-known customer-focused production and quality.

In order to achieve the highest dried fruits production standards to ensure customer satisfaction with the finest food products and maximum product safety, all of our operations are conducted based on HACCP and GMP based Systems and all of the production facilities operate on the basis of accredited ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS Food Safety Systems and Kosher (Star-K) that are supported by professional knowledge and expertise of our Quality Assurance Staff.

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When developing each new product, we focus on one and the same principle we have been following from the beginning: MAXIMUM NATURE in a pack.

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