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Plump, Fruity, and Golden Nuggets of Goodness


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Thompson Seedless Grapes

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Thompson Seedless (Vitis Vinifera) is an attractive seedless white grape, belonging to the Sultanina family, that has been the mainstay of the seedless grape industry for many years. The berry has a distinctively elongated shape, with an attractive pale green-yellow skin. There is no rudimentary seed in the berry. At its best it is irresistibly sweet with a lovely crisp texture and very attractive for those who are looking for good levels of sweetness and texture.

They are usually sold as sun-dried and can be eaten as-is or used in baking. For some recipes, they are soaked in a liquid (fruit juice, alcohol, stock, or water), making them plump, tender, and juicy.  Due to the dehydration that takes place in dried fruits, Sultanas & Raisins have more concentrated nutrition levels than grapes, making them a natural, nutritious, easy and healthy snack for kids and adults alike.

wholesale raisins supplier Turkish Sultanas wholesaler

Normally it takes up to 3 weeks for the Thompson Seedless Grapes to dry. In order to minimize the drying time and retain the light color, grapes are dipped into a solution of potassium carbonate & olive oil solution which cracks the exterior invisible membrane on the grape and speeds up the drying process, and grapes dried through this process are called Sultanas. Sultanas are divided into six size grades of extra jumbo, jumbo, standard, medium, small, and extra small and also graded in five color types under 7,8,9,10,11, where 7 is the darkest color, as 11 is the lightest. 

Sultanas Color Standard Type 7
Sultanas Color Type 8
Sultanas Color Type 9
Sultanas Color Type 10
Sultanas Color Type 11


What are raisins ? Raisins are usually mistaken for being a different variety to Sultanas. Although raisins are thought to come from darker berries, they are exactly the same Thompson Seedless Grape variety just like the Sultanas. The difference comes from the drying process, where raisins are not treated with potassium carbonate & olive oil solution. 

 This lengthens the drying process up to 3 weeks, where raisins stay under the sun for a longer period, and become darker in color and achieve a unique flavor. Raisins are divided into six size grades of extra jumbo, jumbo, standard, medium, small and extra small.

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Golden Raisins

Golden Raisins are again produced from the same Thompson Seedless Grape variety just like the Sultanas and usual Raisins. The difference comes from the treatment, where the berries are treated with a preservative called sulfur dioxide to retain the lighter color of the grape. As per the customer’s request, dipping to vegetable oil can also be added to the drying process. Golden Raisins are available for 2 grades of Jumbo (>12mm) and Medium (9-12mm).

Golden Raisins


Seeded Black Raisins

From the field to your home, in its immaculate and natural flavor; Turkey’s Black Raisins.

Black Raisins are one of the first fruits that humanity started to grow, have also turned into many different products. Vinegar, wine, and molasses are made from grapes. In winters, black raisins are prepared so that we do not stay away from the delicious taste of the raisins. 

Even more, raisins are consumed than fresh grapes. Raisins can be used wherever imaginable. It can be preferred for cookies and cakes as well as some savory dishes. It is a particularly preferred ingredient in salty foods in Eastern European cuisine.

wholesale turkish black raisins supplier

There are many different types of raisins. Since grapes are grown all over the world, every geography has different grape types. The most delicious of these have emerged in Turkey in the history of grape cultivation for thousands of years. We are hosting many varieties from golden yellow sultana grapes to sour raisins that we export to the whole world. Among them is the famous Kilis Karası black grape. 

Kilis Black Raisin is much larger than normal raisins and has seeds. Its taste is sweeter than sultanas. It has an intense, molasses-like flavor. Kilis Karası is preferred for eating directly rather than being used in dishes and desserts. Big and sugary make it an indispensable part of mixed cookies. Although it may be intimidating to some, it actually has very small and few seeds and is extremely easy to eat.

Seeded RED Raisins

Grown in the Southeast Anatolia Region and the bright Turkish Sunshine, LADACA'S RED Raisins are preservative free and have no added sugar. These plump delicious raisins are not only tasty, but convenient as well.

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As one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale raisins supplier, we take the raisins & sultanas business seriously!

At LADACA, we are passionate about creating new ways to produce excellent quality raisins while having the utmost respect for nature.

Grape, requiring lots of endeavors to be grown is a delicate fruit that necessitates manpower at all stages. This hard process starts with a 3-year lasting period, beginning from seed planting to reaping the fruit. Grapevines, pruned carefully in January are bound to the 1,5 meter high sticks from the ground. 

 Healthy pruning and hanging operation generate good buds. The vineyard starts to bud with the first days of spring. The small bunches of grapes start to become apparent throughout March and at the beginning of April. These grapes get plump and grow during summertime with the attentive supervision of farmers and under the summer sun.

As the grape bunches grow up, the grapevines require more water to carry their increasing load. Farmers make plenty of and continuous root watering during this ripening period. Lush, filled and heavy grape bunches grow ripe to be harvested towards the end of August. The grapes, reached cutting ripeness are picked up carefully and subjected to the dipping treatment to keep their brightness and flavor.

Are raisins good for you ?

Are raisins healthy ? What are raisins benefits ? Besides being a tasty and healthy snack all on their own, raisins are a welcome addition to many recipes. Due to their natural sugars, raisins are a useful component in healthy breakfast ideas, like sprinkling over granola or adding to fruit salads. As raisins nutrition is very rich, they are very a popular item in healthy snack and dessert recipes. No matter if you’re eating them on the go, as a healthy snack at work or school, raisins truly are an incredibly versatile dried fruit.

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