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We are LADACA Wholesale Food Corporation, one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, that has been dedicated to offering the best bulk wholesale food delivery service for conventional and organic dried fruit, mixed dried fruit chips, canned food, sun dried tomatoes, pickles, sauces, canned ready meals, dried vegetables, roasted vegetables, canned vegetables, olive oil, edible nuts and provide a centralized service for that wide variety of products directly from reliable sources throughout Turkey to the global customers as one of the best Turkish Bulk Wholesale Food Suppliers in Turkey.

Our Mission

To provide safe and superior quality wholesale food delivery service and products to our clients at affordable and competitive prices with continuous customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To expand our market share and become a leader  for all of our products and establish long-term partnerships with our buyers based on the quality, reliability, and perfect service.

Our Ethics

To feel responsible to our customers, consumers, farmers, and suppliers and we work towards in all our operational processes with the aim of making a positive impact on their lives.

Our Work

To support our clients to achieve a high level of end-consumer satisfaction that will boost their sales in return and enable them to establish sustainable business success.

Being one the pioneers of the suppliers of best wholesale food, we offer a bespoke service for wholesale food delivery such as organic dried fruit, mixed dried fruit, dried fruit snacks, dried fruit chips / fruit crisps, canned food and all wholesale bulk food to our clients, which encompasses precise product specifications, just-in-time deliveries, varying carton weights, own-label packaging, pre-packing the product for food-service and retail packing.

As one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, our collective experience is firmly rooted in supplying all of the major dried fruit and other Turkish Food Products and our fully accredited, state-of-the-art manufacturing partners are dedicated to the packing of the best quality, safe, and hygienic food products.

Our priority, as one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, is to achieve the best quality in our products and bulk dried fruits wholesale services and have our clients benefit from our commitment to reliability, sustainability, service, value, and a people-focused collaborative approach.

Empowering your decisions

LADACA has been an expert in the field for decades and now we are proudly celebrating 20 years in the sector. Our considerable experience, expertise, and global connections enable us to provide up-to-date information and advice on market trends to our customers and suppliers enabling them to make informed decisions. Our strength is our constant attention to detail and readiness to respond to the dynamic and varied needs of our customers.

Adding value to your business

LADACA’s experienced logistics team interprets and implements your requirements quickly and effectively. Our team can arrange freight by vessel and/or road, as well as store goods at our designated temperature-controlled warehouses in Turkey, where we can hold stocks for you. Complex logistics are managed to ensure your order is delivered to the destination on time in order to meet production schedules.

Local Servıce at your global reach

LADACA services a worldwide network of customers. Our team is fluent in English. LADACA’s team understands your specific needs and expectations. We offer you a bespoke service; you and your team can communicate easily and effectively with our team to ensure your requirements are understood and contracts are executed smoothly and efficiently. Our priority is to achieve the best quality in our products and offer fast and reliable services.


We Feed Your Business

As one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, and your global wholesale conventional & organic wholesale food delivery partner, we engage with various dried fruits manufacturers and dried fruit companies to invent new products. As a bulk food wholesaler, our ever-growing dried fruit, canned food and other bulk food inventory includes over 50 items, and we know them all intimately. We navigate the nitty-gritty details of experimenting, sourcing, processing, and order fulfillment to put the focus back where it belongs—on the enjoyment of quality food.

Benefits Service


Let’s create together! Efficient delivery and high food safety and compliance ratings are the least we can offer.

Benefits Curation


We love sun-dried fruits and know where good fruits come from. Canned food is our passion and we know where to find the best ingredients for any recipe from anywhere in Turkey.

Benefits Innovation


We don’t just keep up with technology—we use it to improve the food industry.

Benefits Connection


We maintain real, invested relationships with our vendors and customers.

Having cultivated multigenerational vendor relationships and embraced the latest technologies, we are in a unique position to support the changing needs of our customers. From procurement and recipe experimentation to processing and delivery, we are driven by curiosity. What can we create together?

Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers

Meet LADACA’s the best Sun Dried Fruits, perfect snacks for Kids & Adults!

Having exceptional taste and soft texture, our dried fruit snacks are bathed in rays of Sunshine, dried to perfection and finally packed carefully through the most advanced production equipments under the highest production standards in the industry.



We care for our customers, our coworkers and our community, and believe in rising to meet the needs of this extended LADACA Foods family. As one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, we also believe in having fun, celebrating successes and making time for each other. We understand that community is built around the table, and we believe in the power of dried fruits and mediterranean food to open minds, spark adventure and bring diverse people together.


We are passionate about dried fruit, mediterranean food, and dedicated to the people who grow, make, serve and eat it. As a leading bulk wholesale food suppliers, we are energized by our work in the world of dried fruit and mediterranean food—the discovery of ingredients, the combinations of flavors, the sharing of recipes, the stories of our growers and the success of our customers. Though our business model has evolved in order to serve the needs of today’s customers, our mission and our values remain the same. 


We are committed to setting high standards in our dried fruit and bulk food industry when it comes to food safety, product quality and supplier accountability, and we bring our best selves to every business decision and personal interaction as one the leading bulk wholesale food suppliers. We assume positive intent, and we intervene immediately if we sense that ethics or safety is compromised.


As one of the leading Turkish bulk wholesale food suppliers, Honoring our relationships and serving our customers remains our highest motivation, and we bring expertise and empathy to our role. We earn and extend respect, understanding that it takes many different perspectives to create success.


We take smart risks; adapt quickly and always keep moving forward. As a leading bulk wholesale food suppliers, We strive to reach further, do better, offer more, and proudly carry our history and heritage into the future.

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