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Apricots originated in China, where it was first cultivated about 4,000 years ago. This delicious stone fruit held high favor with locals, traders, and travelers, so it’s no surprise that it began its journey west along the Silk Road. Over time, apricots began growing across Central Asia and the Middle East.

Apricots reached the Mediterranean about 2,000 years ago, where they flourished in the warm, sunny climate. Today, Turkey is the world’s largest producer of apricots and Turkish Dried Apricots are mostly produced in Malatya province which is known as the capital of dried apricots.

 Apricots are dried by using two different methods called “Day Drying” and “Sulphuring”. Sulphuring shortens the time of the drying process, preserves the natural color, protects apricots from infestation, and finally prolongs the shelf life of the product while the Day Drying offers the best option to preserve the taste and while causing to lose the natural color of the apricots and turn it to dark brown. Therefore, While Sulphured Apricots have a bright orange-yellow color, Natural Day-Dried and also Organic Dried Apricots have dark colors due to the fact that they are not treated with Sulphur dioxide.

After harvesting and drying, the raw material comes to our facilities for processing through our most advanced production technologies. The apricots are double washed, calibrated, x-ray sorted, hand-picked, and table processed by our experienced staff. Apricots are very good for the digestion system and natural treatment for the human body. They are great for snacking and baking and also a great addition to yogurts, ice creams, desserts, and cakes. 

Dried apricots nutrition ? Delicately sweet in flavor, our Mediterranean Apricots always meet the high taste expectations of apricot connoisseurs. Their rich, distinctive flavor sets Mediterranean apricots apart from other varieties. Every serving of these tender treats is a good source of the Antioxidants Vitamin A and E as well as Potassium. More than just providing with nutritious benefits, these lush sweet morsels become a favorite ‘go-to’ snack.

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Meet LADACA's Premium SOFT Dried  Apricots!

We are one of the leading Turkish Dried Apricot supplier here in Turkey that ships the best apricots all around the World.

The fragrant, apricot aroma is only one of the many tempting benefits of our Soft Dried Apricots. We’ve taken our most luscious Mediterranean dried apricots and infused them with a natural flavor essence to create LADACA Soft Dried Apricots. You won’t find a taste this exceptional anywhere! Better yet, just one serving is a good source of Potassium and Vitamin E. These are a sure-fire palate pleaser for any savvy snacker!

Are dried apricots good for you ?

Dried apricots benefits are huge. Apricots may be small, but they’re big on both flavor and nutrition. These yellow-orange fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, with a flavor ranging from sweet to sweet-tart, depending on the variety. The flesh of apricots is soft and somewhat juicy when ripe, and they have velvety skin with soft fuzz. Thanks to their high amount of vitamins, flavonoids, and potassium, apricots have significant health benefits.  Apricots offer plenty of good dietary fiber to help the digestive tract. 

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