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dried prunes

TURKISH GOURMET SOFT DRIED PRUNES, made ready to eat and perfected by our processing through our state-of-the-art processing technology...

What are prunes ? A prune is a dried plum, from the European plum (Prunus domestica). Not all plum species or varieties can be dried into prunes. A prune is the firm-fleshed fruit (plum) of Prunus domestica varieties that have a high soluble solids content that does not ferment during drying. Turkey’s unique and diverse geography creates the perfect growing conditions for prunes.

You’ll never question what true quality dried plums should taste like once you savor the tender, mellow flavor of our Pitted Dried Plums. What about prunes nutrition? Prunes health benefits?  Prunes benefits are great.  A plentiful source of fibre, prunes are especially rich in a soluble fibre called pectin, which may help balance cholesterol levels. However, it’s not just the fibre which is beneficial the protective antioxidant properties of prunes appears to also help lower blood pressure as does the vitamin and mineral contribution, particularly the high levels of potassium.

Beautiful and plump in appearance, moist and meaty in texture, sweet and savory in taste, just one serving is a sweet way to enjoy a good source of the Antioxidant Vitamin A and dietary fiber. Research shows that eating prunes may also help support healthy bones! Our Pitted Dried Prunes are all about quality, taste, and healthful benefits of prunes.

Are prunes good for you ? Prunes may help slow the ageing process, they do this thanks to their exceptionally high antioxidant levels, which is thought to be as much as twice that of other fruit and vegetables.

Prunes can help you manage your weight. They do this by keeping you feeling full for longer. The reason for this is likely twofold. First, prunes contain lots of fiberTrusted Source, which is slow to digest. Slower digestion means your appetite stays satisfied for longer.

Second, prunes have a low glycemic index. This means they raise the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood slowly. This may in part be due to their high amounts of sorbitol, a sugar alcohol with a slow absorption rate. Avoiding spikes in your blood sugar levels, which can be caused by foods with a high glycemic index, can help keep your appetite at bay.

 Of all the health benefits prunes provide, digestive health is the one you’re probably most familiar with. Prunes for constipation ? Do prunes help with constipation ? Yes, exactly. As well as being rich in fibre prunes also supply sorbitol and phytonutrients which all work to support bowel function.

This means eating prunes can increase stool volume and frequency making them a natural laxative which helps to promote healthy bowel movements. They also have prebiotic properties which means they supply the fuel to support the beneficial bacteria which reside in our intestines. 

How many prunes to eat for constipation ? Start with 3 or 4 prunes daily for mild constipation and increase this number over time for more severe symptoms. LADACA Prunes are great sources of fiber and contain a unique natural component that is absorbed very slowly into the body. This drawn-out process allows for more water to enter the body – which increases moisture and ultimately helps regulate digestion day in and day out.

LADACA's Pitted Prunes are the not-so-secret ingredients that make everything from appetizers and salads to entrées and desserts irresistible—and good for you, too!

Dried Prunes Plums

Meet LADACA’s Premium SOFT Prunes!

Processed Turkish Prunes come to our facilities for processing through our most advanced production technologies. The fresh plums are first washed, hand-picked,and then finally oven-dried. After drying process, the prunes are hand-picked once again & x-ray sorted, and finally processed as Soft Ready-toEat by our experienced staff. We take the most luscious Turkish Prunes and infuse them with a natural flavor essence to create LADACA Soft Prunes. You won’t find a taste this exceptional anywhere! Our prunes are very good for the digestion system and natural treatment for the human body. They are great for snacking and baking and also a great addition to yogurts, ice creams, desserts, and cakes. 

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