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LMYRA® is a filtered, superior category of extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from hand-selected olive blends solely by mechanical means and produced from a selected breed of mountain olive groves of the Aegean Coast.

Aegean Olive Oil

Virgin olive oils are the oils obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea L.) solely by mechanical or other physical means under conditions that do not lead to alterations in the oil, and which have not undergone any chemical treatment.

Olive oil is graded by its level of acidity or free oleic acid. The amount of free oleic acid in olive oil indicates the extent to which fat has broken down into fatty acids. Virgin olive oils fit for consumption as they include:

Extra virgin olive oil: virgin olive oil which has a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams
Virgin olive oil: virgin olive oil which has a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 2 grams per 100 grams. LMYRA® Olive Oils are only extra virgin olive oil.

Turkish olive oil, produced 100% genuine Turkish olives, is very rich in taste with wide varieties and properties. Turkey is the homeland of olives in the Mediterranean Region. It is the place of the oldest olive mill and it is the world’s 4th largest producer. LADACA uses selected Aegean Region Coast olives from the Mediterranean Basin for its LMYRA® Branded Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Meet LADACA's LMYRA Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

We have come to tell you a tale of forty thousand years rooted in ancient Aegean geography. We have set out to re-tell, pass down, share and eternalize, with excitement and respect, a tale was written by an ancient tree that has accompanied the people of this land, sometimes offering its shadow and sometimes its fruit for forty thousand years.

We are guided by our passion for pure extra virgin olive oil and a desire to marry centuries-old traditions of olive oil production with 21st-century technology to create a premium product.

LADACA’s LMYRA® Olive Oil is a genuine blend of extra virgin olive oil from the North and South Aegean Coast. Its unique quality widens the range of use for all kinds of hot or cold meals. LADACA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a cold-pressed olive oil produced using the most delicious olives from the South & North Aegean Hills. Known for its rich and intense flavor, LADACA Extra Virgin Olive Oil will upgrade any meal. 

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Its acidity level is less than 0.8%. Known for its fruitiness along with its pungency and bitterness sensed in the throat and mouth, it is recommended for all meals, especially cold meals, salads, sauces, and dips.

What is Early Harvest Olive Oil?

Olives reach their full size in the fall but may not fully ripen from green to black until late winter. Early harvest olive oil is the name given to oil obtained from green olives in October, the first period of the olive harvest. Early harvest olive oil is characterized by a low acidity level and fresh, fruity aroma with better taste. 

The collection of olives in the early period of harvest when they are fresh allows the preservation of fatty acids in the olives and provides higher quality oil. Early harvest olive oil contains the highest levels of vitamin E, phenolic compounds and antioxidants.

What is Refined Olive Oil?

Refined olive oil is the olive oil obtained from virgin olive oils by refining methods which do not lead to alterations in the initial glyceridic structure. It has a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 0.3 grams per 100 grams. In contrast to extra virgin olive oil, refined oils lack the important antioxidants and anti inflammatories that make extra-virgin oil so special.

What is Riviera Olive Oil?

Riviera Olive Oil is composed of mixture of processed refined olive oil and natural olive oil which can be consumed directly as food. Its free fatty acid is not more than 1.0 gram per 100 grams of oleic acid.

Quality Dictates Taste…

The color of olive oil is not an indicator of its quality or flavor. Color and clarity do not play a role in the level of quality, many consumers are still persuaded by color, a myth that needs to be debunked in order to focus on the factors that really determine quality.

Health benefits of olive oil

Fresh, high-quality extra virgin olive oil is one of the world’s healthiest foods. Olive oils crafted with care provide antioxidants and phenolic compounds that are proven to help reduce and prevent diseases.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid. This fatty acid is believed to have many beneficial effects and is a healthy choice for cooking.

 Olive Oil Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties:  Olive oil contains nutrients that fight inflammation. These include oleic acid as well as the antioxidant oleocanthal.

Olive Oil May Help Prevent Strokes: Several large studies demonstrate that people who consume olive oil have a much lower risk of stroke, the second biggest killer in developed countries.

Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart Disease: Extra virgin olive oil has numerous benefits for heart health. It lowers blood pressure, protects “bad” LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation, and improves the function of blood vessels.

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