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Turkish Dried Figs Fruit

The world’s finest Sun Dried Figs from Turkey, The oldest fruit in the world…

What are dried figs ? Figs are one of the miracles of Mother Nature and the story of Turkish Sun-Dried Figs is an ancient one. Figs are considered to be a divine and sacred fruit, the fruit of heaven in all religions and cultures, that has been rewarding humanity for thousands of years with its incomparable flavor.  It has always been considered the symbol of affluence and plentifulness. The Latin name of edible fig (Ficus Carica) comes from Caria Region which is now named as Aegean Region where the world’s finest dried fruits grow in western Turkey.

The crisp texture and delicate flavor, long shelf life, and versatility of Turkish Dried Figs have made them eagerly sought after the world over. If you set about trying to create a product with the special qualities and natural consumer appeal of the Turkish Figs, you’d be hard-pressed.

For authenticity, environmental credentials, and pure eating pleasure, few foods can match the Dried Turkish Figs. These are the things that the modern consumer demands.
While other countries can grow figs, no-one else can reproduce the exact growing conditions found in their native Turkish home. It’s what makes Turkish Dried Figs one of a kind – the real deal –.
Natural dried fig fruit

Of all the dried fruits in the world, Turkish Sun-Dried Figs are clearly the most special. Nothing compares the crunchy texture and the unmistakable sweet, honey-flavored, tender, and amazingly delicious taste. And of all the world’s fig producers, only Turkey can claim to be the best of the best. In many ways, they represent the very essence of the Aegean Region, a magical product of our ancient environment – the soil, the climate, and the seasons.

But of course, the ultimate proof of the figs is in the eating dried figs, and it is here that Turkish Figs truly shine. The taste, the tenderness, and the texture of Turkish Dried figs combine to produce a totally unique sensory experience – an experience that is being discovered and enjoyed by more and more people every day.

Figs are unique, not only for their wonderful flavor but also for their unusual maturation process. Surprisingly, fig-trees have no flowers on their branches; instead, the blossoms are inverted and develop inside the fruit. The figs grow from June to late August and are allowed to fully ripen on the tree from August through September. The figs then fall to the carefully prepared ground where further drying and then harvesting occurs. The figs will be harvested several times during the season.

Are dried figs good for you ? What are dried figs good for? What are dried figs benefits ? Nutritional value of figs dried ? The health benefits of dried figs are great!!! A figs dried fruit that's as health as it is tasty....

As Turkey is the world’s largest dried fig producer, Turkish figs are considered the highest quality in all fig growing countries with their high soluble solids and sugar content, low acidity, light brownish skin, and amber colored inside. Unlike golden california figs,  dried black mission figs and greek dried figs, the famous Sarilop variety Turkish figs are very soft  in texture, full of honey, much more sweet, big in size, and rich in nutritious aspects. Being dried naturally under Sun, the fruit has a low water activity level that allows long storage time and transportation under ambient conditions.

How many dried figs can you eat a day? Dried figs nutrients? Health experts agree that a daily five dried turkish figs is an essential part of a healthy diet. Nutritional value of dried figs ? What are dried figs nutritional benefits?  Turkish Sun-Dried Figs also have their very own set of surprising health benefits. The developments in modern science have proven the fact that potassium in dried figs is very high and figs have an enormous nutrient value  as well as extraordinary flavor and taste it has. 

There is simply no place on earth like the Aegean Region, the heartland of Turkish Dried Figs. Turkish Sun-Dried Figs growers take the business of producing the world’s finest figs very seriously.
fig fruit
what are dried figs

We are one the leading dried figs suppliers / dried figs exporters from Turkey where the best dried figs come from and Conventional and Organic Dried Figs are one of our star products. As one of the most trusted dried figs wholesalers located in the fertile Aegean Region, we supply the world with delicious, nutritious Turkish Dried Figs. LADACA’s Golden Delicious® Dried Figs are moist, sweet, and read to eat. Our unrivaled dedication to quality and world-class production practices and our commitment to product safety from production to delivery puts LADACA figs in a class of their own.

We use Sarilop variety Turkish figs that are ripened on trees on hillsides warmed by the Mediterranean Sun. They are handpicked and dried naturally, with no preservatives or colors added. Once harvested, the delicious fruit begins its processing journey. They are first fumigated, calibrated, gently washed, carefully selected & packed, and finally shipped to our customers.

During each step of processing, we ensure our Golden Delicious® Figs meet or exceed the rigorous standards of the Turkish Dried Figs Standard, as well as our own exacting criterion. All of our customers can be assured that figs purchased from LADACA are of the highest possible quality.

Dried figs are not only consumed as a whole as is but also used by the bakery, biscuit, confectionery, breakfast cereals, jam, chocolate, coffee, yogurt, and ice cream industries as ingredients. Our figs are properly processed for the food industry at our facilities as industrial types such as Fig Paste, Clipped & Halved figs, Diced Figs, Julienne Cut Figs.  Our experience, unique long-term relationships with selected suppliers, and comprehensive knowledge of the market is a valuable asset we offer to our customers.

Dried figs come with many different packaging and processing options...

Natural Dried Figs

Figs are not manipulated into any shape and loosely packed in their 

natural form. Stems and bottom pores may be cut off upon request. 

Natural Dried Figs Fruit

Lerida Dried Figs

Figs are rounded into a coin shape with their superposed stems and bottom 

pores and finally aligned side by side or on top of the other.

Lerida Dried Figs-Fruit

Pulled Dried Figs

Figs are manipulated into a cube shape by concealing their stems 

through doming the tops and squaring the bottoms.

Pulled Dried Figs Fruit
Protoben Dried Figs

Figs are aligned superposing, after concealing their 

stems and bottom pores.

Protoben Dried Figs Fruit
Baglama Dried Figs

Figs are first tied to each other using raffia string and then 

aligned superposing, after concealing their stems and bottom pores.

Baglama Dried-Figs
Garland Dried Figs

Figs that are in form of Lerida are packed into a round shape.

Turkish Dried Figs Garland
Layer Dried Figs

After cutting and tearing lengthwise toward their stems, 

2 or 3 layers of figs are placed on one another.

Premium Wrapped Dried Figs

After stems and bottom pore are cut off, each fruit is wrapped 

individually with aluminum foils and packed in special packages.

Special Wrapped Turkish Dried Figs
Clipped and Halved Figs

After stems are cut off, each fruit is halved and loosely packed in bulk


Clipped and Halved Dried Figs
Diced Figs

Figs are chopped into cubic shapes using rice flour to achieve a free-flowing product.


Turkish Dried Fig Cubes
Fig Paste

Figs are minced as seedless or seeded upon request.

Fig Paste
Chocolate Coated Fig Paste

Figs are firstly minced and then coated with chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Fig Paste
Flour Coated Dried Figs

Figs are firstly rice floured and loosely packed in their natural form.


flour coated figs

Dried Fig Jam

made from chopped dried figs cooked with sugar


Fig Jam

Fig Chips

Fresh figs are sliced and carefully dried under the Sun.


Fig Fruit Chips
01 15
Enjoy LADACA’s Amazing Fig Chips and all of the delicious flavor and full-body benefits that come with them.
The Feel-Good Fruit – for all generations!
We have perfected the Fig Chips, a heathy snacking.
fig fruit chips

LADACA has been around for a while, which means we’ve had a lot of time to perfect our technique for Fig Chips production. Our Fig Chips are produced from sliced fresh figs that are spread on sieves and dried under the sun naturally. There’s no need for dehydrating the fruits mechanically as the sun does all the work. We step back and let Mother Nature do her job when it comes to growing and ripening our fruits. 

When fully ripen, we start harvesting fresh figs just before the sunrise and each fresh fig goes through a slicing process immediately to preserve their freshness and quality – locking in maximum flavor and nutrients! Fig Chips are less dry and have a different flavor than conventional dried figs.

fig fruit

The global dried figs industry is growing every year as more and more consumers discover the unique appeal of this magical fruit. But in any market, there can be only one leader, and with any product, there can be only one original. Only the Turkish Figs can claim this position, which is why consumers will seek it out and value it above all others. Interested in Turkish Dried Figs? Please get in touch with us and let us find out how we can help you!

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