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Best Double Roasted Chickpeas

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Roasted Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, which has a variety of health benefits, ranging from weight management to bone health. They are a great choice for individuals who avoid animal products.

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a lovable legume with a mild nut-like taste and a great deal of culinary versatility. They are roasted in the oven (not fried) which makes it a great, tasty and healthy snacking alternative. Traditionally loved by vegetarians for their protein potency, chickpeas are also a great source of fiber. Roasting just makes chickpeas even more nutty tasting and snackable, providing plenty of protein to power you through the day.

Even though chickpeas originated in the Middle East, they were first cultivated in Mediterranean area. Explorers spread the chickpeas first to India, Africa and then rest of the world and now widely used throughout the food world. Turkey has very important role in the world’s chickpeas production. Especially Tavas and Serinhisar districts of Denizli meets %80 of the chickpeas production in Turkey.

Single Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

We left out the salt so you can enjoy the nut-like taste of our roasted golden chickpeas “as is”. These delectable chickpeas are super versatile.

Single Roasted Chickpeas

 You can eat them alone or toss a handful into soup or salads or mix together with pretzels or other snack foods. They’re healthy too! Rich in fiber and protein, our single roasted golden unsalted chickpeas are a handy snack to fend off hunger pangs between lunch and dinner or at any time of day. Chickpeas help to regulate cholesterol and all you need are two cups per day to meet your daily fiber requirement. Besides, they are certainly a lot tastier than fiber powder or fiber supplements.

Roasted Salted Chickpeas

HEALTHY, SEA SALTED, FRESH SNACK: Our Salted Chickpea Snacks are in a great flavor and texture that will be an alternative to your favorite chips. They are crunchy, lightly salted and easy to digest. Perfect for your diets. Our Salted & Roasted broken chickpeas have a divine crunchy nutty taste. Our broken chickpeas are carefully chosen and roasted to perfection ensuring their deliciousness! We proudly guarantee quality and flavor in our products.

Salted Roasted Chickpeas

With an impressive nutritional profile and satisfying airy crunch, our roasted chickpeas are delicious and nutritious, helping power you through your busy day. Our roasted golden chickpeas are a crunchy protein-rich snack. They are a wonderful source of protein, carbohydrates, folate and fiber, as well as minerals such as iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. These %100 natural little wonders contain approximately 17% of your daily value for protein, and roughly 50% manganese, which research has shown to play a key role in bone production as well as blood sugar control.

Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas

They’re soft, but not mushy. They’re dry, but not desert dry.

Lightly salted chickpeas are a healthy snack with enough fiber and protein to satisfy your hunger for hours. Chickpeas are eaten as a snack or used in soups, salads, and a variety of main dishes. They have a mild, nutty flavor that’s quite addictive.  They are great to keep on hand if you’re dieting and are seeking a satisfying snack that will help you avoid binge eating.

Double Roasted Chickpeas

Our chickpeas are of superb quality and are expertly roasted for supreme snack-ability. Toss some roasted chickpeas into your favorite snack mix or salad. They are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, nut free, non-GMO and vegan making them the perfect choice for all! It’s a food that will help avoid mood swings and will help to stop those energy-less moments! Try them out.

Roasted White Chickpeas

Do you crave a crunchy snack that won’t leave you feeling hungry hours later? Our roasted white chickpeas are a protein and fiber-rich snack. 

These whole white chickpeas are first humidified to make them soft and are then oven-roasted to perfection.

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas White

  The white natural skins of the chickpeas help make these crunchier when roasted making them superior to the yellow variety. Enjoy their crunchy roasted goodness alone or in a green salad, soup, or main dish! These are a go-to staple you’ll want to stock up on.

Flour Coated Crispy Chickpeas 

Protein never tasted so good. We think it’s the extra crunchy flavoring that makes these special.  These extra-tempting crispy roasted chickpeas feature a crunchy layer of dough that makes them oh-so-satisfying to eat. Sprinkled lightly with salt, these chickpeas are the spot-on choice if you are seeking a savory/salty protein-packed snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. They’re fat-free and oil-free, too!

Sauce Coated Roasted Chickpeas
Roasted Chickpeas Flour Coated Crispy

Our Flour Coated Crispy Chickpeas come with optional Nacho sauce that make our chickpeas even bolder, spicier, and tastier than ever before. Our Nacho Sauce Coated Crispy Chickpeas make an awesome and addictive snack. In addition to the bold flavor, there’s fiber and protein in every bite.


Chickpeas are full of nutrition. They are a great source of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy carbs. Fiber keeps you full for longer and protein satisfies hunger, so chickpeas are the perfect dish to keep your appetite in check and to promote weight loss. They are also great for the digestive system and to keep your bones healthy.

Candy Chickpeas

Candy  Coated Chickpeas , also known as Candy Chickpeas , are a great snack as snack. Especially if you want dessert, it will be a very good choice. Its thin and crunchy sugar coating is sweet enough to overwhelm your sweet cravings, but not heavy. You can eat handfuls of chickpea sugar without losing your heart.

Candy Coated Roasted Chickpeas

 Sugar-Coated Candy Chickpeas are a crunchy treat with a sweet candy coating. Most nuts are salty or spicy. If dried fruit is not added to mixed cookies, a completely salty cocktail will be obtained. The best-known and most popular exception to this situation is roasted chickpeas. With a crispy and sugary coating on the outside, this roasted chickpea is especially a favorite of children. It is always one of the first to finish mixed nuts. 

Although it is sweet, it is loved by adults as well as children for its lightness and satisfying properties. While preparing mixed cookies, plenty of sugared chickpeas are added to it. Sugary chickpea is a nostalgic taste, it immediately reminds those who eat it of happy childhood memories. It will be enough to eat a handful of freshly sweetened roasted chickpeas to return to the good old days when you played hide and seek in the streets.

it is not difficult to understand why our sugar-coated chickpeas were embraced because they are a tempting blend of savory flavor and sweetness that people worldwide enjoy as a healthy snack alternative to heavily processed, and unhealthy snacks.  In addition to tasting good, these delights are full of folate, iron, protein, and potassium. Sugar Coated Candy Chickpeas cover these healthy beans with a sweet coating for a unique snack that’s popular for holidays such as Easter or to add some color to your snack tray.

There are other variation of chickpeas such as;  

Sesame Coated Chickpeas

Broken Yellow Chickpeas

Chocolate Coated Chickpeas

Chickpeas Powder

Production of Roasted Chickpeas

Production involves cleaning the chickpeas, classifying them in different grades depending on their size, and heating them through several stages. After heating and before undergoing roasting, chickpeas are made to rest for a number of hours. Among the different varieties of chickpeas, those that have a large size are prized for roasted chickpea production.

The production process subjects both raw and organic roasted chickpeas to a number of structural changes. Importantly, it leads to the formation of many air pockets inside previously tightly packed raw chickpeas due to chemical and physical changes induced by heating.

After having been subjected to heat, chickpeas are rehydrated to raise their moisture level. As the chickpeas are roasted, water particles inside them change from the liquid to the gaseous state. This causes chickpeas to increase in size due to the formation of vapor that pushes against the chickpea walls. Starch gelatinization in chickpeas is limited during roasting, this is likely why water content has an important impact on both swelling and gelatinization.

Health Benefits

In addition to their popularity, chickpeas also have lots of health benefits. They are an excellent source of protein and A, C, and E vitamins. Chickpeas are also very rich in folate, fiber, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium.

Appetite arbitrator: Chickpeas have been found to help control appetite. Consuming chickpeas as part of a balanced diet can help limit cravings and overall hunger and appetite.

Delivers digestive support: Around ¾ of the fiber found in chickpeas is insoluble fiber, which remains undigested until it is in the bottom of the digestive tract. Nutritional studies have found that chickpea fiber can be metabolized by the colon’s bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids such as acetic, propionic, and butyric acid. This process can lower the risk of colon cancer and other issues in that part of the body.

Fibrous friend: The fiber in chickpeas is not messing around! Two cups of chickpeas provide the entire recommended daily value of fiber. It’s also believed that the fiber in chickpeas goes further than fiber in other legumes, helping to regulate levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

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