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Turkish Canned & Fermented Peppers in bulk or in retail packs.

Always Fresh Always Crisp

LADACA boasts a variety of mouth-watering pickles that are perfect on a sandwich, on the side, or even on their own. Enjoy the “All-Mediterranean Pickle” and its many flavors.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products for customers worldwide. LADACA caters to the foodservice industry, serving distributors across the World while guaranteeing products that are “Always Fresh, Always Crisp.”

LADACA supplies a wide range of pickled peppers— from our classic fermented peppers to canned ones. We also offer private labeling for customers who would like to expand their brand recognition.

Crispy & perfectly balanced in flavor, these are the best fresh gourmet pickles on the planet.

Fresh ingredients. Authentic flavours. Honest value. And a commitment to people first.

LADACA’s authentic deli-style pickles have been bringing families together around the table for many years. What’s our secret? We know a great-tasting pickle takes a little more work.

One bite and you’ll see why we continue to honor the old-world pickling techniques. Thoughtfully harvested and prepared, Feast Valley® brined pickles are bursting with flavor.


Whole pepperoncini peppers, pickled to perfection! The pepperoncino is a mild pepper with a green-yellow color and firm texture. These delicious, sweet and tangy, Turkish pickled pepperoncini peppers bring a wonderful vibrancy to dishes including salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and so much more. Discover how these tangy peppers can add a little spice to your favorite meal.

Pepperochini Pickled Peppers

It’s a simple recipe. Discover our difference!

The popularity of our pickles mainly comes down to one thing… The Taste! People love pickles because of their natural, homemade flavor. Our customers attest over and over that LADACA has the most delicious pickles. It is a pickle your clients will be proud to serve and helps create repeat business.

SLICED JALAPENOS & Whole pickled jalapeno peppers

Feast Valley® Jalapeno Slices are a delicious and fiery condiment. These sliced and spicy peppers are the ideal addition to any dish in need of a kick of heat. Slather a juicy hot dog with creamy guacamole and top with Feast Valley® Jalapeno Slices for a delicious Mexican-inspired meal. Spicy and tangy jalapeños make a delightful addition to salads and bowls and are a crowd-pleasing topping for pizzas and nachos.

Jalapeno chips

Pickled jalapenos canned : We carry the expertise and quality from farm to tables to meet our customer needs.

Our peppers are grown in an area of unrivaled climate and fertile soils of the Aegean Region. The fresh tasty flavors that enrich your meals are a joint effort of hard work and Turkey’s fertile lands; primarily Izmir and Manisa.


Feast Valley® Lombardi Peppers peppers are mildly-flavored, with a green-yellow color and firm texture. These sweet and tangy, peppers bring a wonderful vibrancy to dishes without an overwhelming addition of heat and are a perfect accompaniment to appetizers and sandwiches. This mild pepper is from the same family as pepperoncini but without the heat!

Lombardi Pepper Pickles

Diced & Striped Capia
Red Pepper Strips

Feast Valley® Red Capia Pepper Strips and Dices are sourced from Aegean Region and these peppers are picked, striped or diced, processed, and packed within 48 hours for ultimate freshness and vibrancy. From the ranked fields and rich soils of the Aegean Region, we harvest our best quality peppers at the peak of their freshness and process them before losing any nutrition values.

Pepper Strips


No meal is complete without them… Feast Valley® Pickled Rosemary Pepper is the yummiest accompanist and indispensible of entire family. It turns your tables into feast thanks to it’s the freshest and natural character. In every meal and with good appetite 

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