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What are carobs ? Carobs are natural plant, which produces pods from branches of its tree. Whole carob pods and carob kibble nibbles are great snack food and also can be added to fruit and nut mixes.

The carobs tree Ceratonia siliqua, is a species of flowering evergreen shrub or tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to the Mediterranean region. It is cultivated for its edible seed & pods. Carobs are also known as St. John’s bread because, according to the tradition of some Christians, St. John the Baptist subsisted on them in the wilderness.

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Whole Carob Pods

Often used as a cacao substitute, carob is not related to the cacao family at all and does not contain caffeine, gluten or theobromine. The flavor and texture, although similar, have unique qualities and health attributes. Carob has a unique combination of polyphenols and fibers that may aid in improving digestion, managing blood sugar levels.

carob pods

The pods and pulp of the carob are edible, naturally sweet, highly nutritious, and an excellent alternative to chocolate, especially if your body has digestive or dietary issues, such as gluten intolerance. Carob often replaces chocolate in recipes, yielding a lower fat, higher fiber product. You can use the Powder and Carob Kibble Nibbles the same way as you would chocolate in almost all recipes and you can enjoy your favorite sweet treats with fewer calories, fat, and sugar.

Carob Kibble

( Kibbled Carob Cubes- Carob Chips - Carob Chunks)

PURE, RAW, and TASTY!  100% naturally sweet kibbled carob pods. A tasty, chewy, and high-fiber snack.

Carobs Kibbles

Naturally sweet & raw kibbled carobs are nature’s first confectionary, containing only natural sweetness. Our highly nutritious raw Kibbled Carob Nibbles are a real hit when it comes to taste. They are crunchy dried sweet carob pod pieces that can be consumed as healthy snack food. We select the best varieties from our orchard for Carob Kibble. Just like our carob powders, our Carob Kibble do not undergo heat processing. Before packaging, carob seeds are carefully removed from the raw kibble nibbles. Perfect for health-conscious traditional or raw food consumers. Our Carob Kibble rank a low 15 on the Glycemic Index so it provides a healthy option for diabetics and health-conscious consumers.  

Carob Kibble is available in 3 sizes:  2-5mm, 4-8mm and >8mm

Carob Powder

Carob powder is an excellent cocoa substitute that is obtained by grinding up the seedless fruit of the carob tree .  A high-quality ingredient is obtained for the food industry utilizing a completely natural process. Owing to its high fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamin content and being free of gluten, fat, caffeine, and theobromine, it’s ideal for human and pet food.

carobs powder

It is chiefly used in the human diet as a substitute for cocoa and its presence can be noted in sweet and savory gastronomic products. This product can be used to make tarts, fritters, pancakes, crepes, sponge cakes, and energy bars for athletes.

Carob vs Chocolate


• High Natural Sugar Content
• Light in calories
• Low-fat content
• Correct potassium and sodium balance
• Absence of Caffeine and Theobromine
• No Cholesterol
• Much Lower price


• Chocolate bars, coating for ice-cream, biscuits, cakes, syrups
• Health food candy bars
• Bakery products
• Ice-cream, dairy and nondairy drinks
• Toppings, cake mixes coated snacks
• Confectionary, caramel, nugget clusters, drops, instant drinks • Instant drinks

Carob Molasses

Carob Molasses is a natural sweetener made from indigenous products pods. It’s particularly valuable in the production of drinks and food supplements, although it can also be used as a sweetener in any sweet or savory food. In addition to being a healthy substitute for sugar in smoothies, juices, and infusions and for breakfasts, this delicious and vegan treacle is used as a condiment for sauces, toasts, and cheeses and to flavor salads, rice dishes, and vegetables. Its low glycaemic index ensures that the energy contained in the molasses’s sugars is released slowly and prevents hyperglycemia and significant variations in blood sugar. 

what are carobs

This product thus boasts all the beneficial properties of a superfood. It is an important source of calcium and vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, and E and it’s rich in antioxidants. Its high antioxidant content also makes it an essential ingredient in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for the production of creams, syrups, food supplements, and natural drugs.

Benefits of carobs ?

Adding carob to your diet can provide you with many health benefits. Since carob is naturally high in fiber and has no caffeine, it’s ideal for people with high blood pressure. The low sugar and fat content also make it a great dietary addition or chocolate substitution for people looking to lose weight. The high levels of vitamins, such as vitamins A and B-2, are good for your skin and eye health.

Adding or substituting carob into your diet can help:

• lower your cholesterol
• reduce your risk of heart disease
• ease stomach issues
• treat diarrhea
• Like cocoa, carob contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants known to reduce the risk of heart disease 

You may want to look into eating carob if you have digestive issues. Carob’s tannins, which are dietary compounds found in plants, are different from regular plant tannins. Regular plant tannins dissolve in water and prevent digestion, but carob’s tannins don’t. Rather, they have a drying effect on the digestive tract that helps tackle toxins and prevent harmful bacterial growth in the intestines.

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