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We offer our years of experience and vast knowledge to your service.

As one of the leading bulk food suppliers, we are proud of exporting to a large customer portfolio to many Countries worldwide including but not limited to the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and the rest of the European Union Countries.

Our experienced team will understand, interpret and implement your requirements quickly and efficiently. We arrange freight by vessel and/or road and will manage your order from origin to your final destination, ensuring all required documentation is in good order and giving you peace of mind. As such, we make sure our customers receive the maximum benefit from our experience and quality of service.

As one of the leading bulk food suppliers, our main markets are;

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Brokers
  • Bakeries
  • Jam Producers
  • Biscuit Manufacturers
  • Chocolate Manufacturers
  • Muesli Producers
  • Bar Producers
  • Baby Food Producers

Our Logistic

As one of the leading bulk food suppliers, our logistic is one of the main professions of LADACA by the ability of well-experienced staff for “Just in Time Policy”. All orders are organized by our logistic department from the first stage of production until delivery. 

LADACA mainly operates its deliveries from Izmir and Mersin Ports to the world markets with the agreed terms and conditions. As a bulk food suppliers, the most common shipping lines have been contracted with the best freight rates and conditions to decrease the costs of business. 

The custom brokerage and documentation processing are directed by our staff in order to solve any probable problem right on time. Our staff is committed to finding out the most advantageous transportation options for our customers. Just in line with the superior quality of our product supplying service, we are also dedicated to offering this service with the best possible logistics options as well.

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